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Countrywide Strike in Bangladesh and Clash News

strike in bangladeshToday 23 September countrywide strike in Bangladesh are maintaining. The countrywide strike (Hartal) is called by 12 Islamist organizations including Khelafat Andolon and other Bangladeshi Muslim organization.

In the Saturday, Muslims are come out with a March against Anti Islam Movie “Innocence of Muslims”.

And in front of Press Club Dhaka, Bangladesh, Police are try to protect the March and for the reason there has been occur a clash among Muslims and Bangladeshi Police.

As a result, there are many policeman wounded from brickbat throw of Muslims and Muslims are being wounded by Police beat.

Dhaka under Strict security:

For today’s Hartal While Dhaka is under strict security.

From the today’s morning, Muslims are joined in the hartal, when police are tried to protect them Muslims are come out with clash.

Today’s morning, a Policeman has been wounded / injured by brickbat throw of picketers.

A Police officer are told that “we arrest about (40) forty picketers since today’s morning.

Dhaka metropolitan police commissioner said that” we have seen no picketers since morning in Palton, Press Club area.

Strict security in USA Embassy in Bangladesh:

For the countrywide strike, which is called by 12 Islamist organizations including Khelafat Andolon. For the countrywide Hartal USA embassy that is located in Dhaka, Baridhara are under very strict Security by Bangladesh police, RAB. So that Muslims or picketers cannot attract USA Embassy.

Muslims are very furious to American Anti Islam Film “Innocence of Muslims” and for the anti Islam Movie Libya had attract USA Embassy a few days ago and as results there are four peoples have been dead with US Ambassador.

Fire on Bus at Chittagong:

Picketers are Muslims of Bangladeshi Islamist organizations are celebration the Hartal and as a part of (Hartal) strike, Bangladeshi Islamist organizations peoples make fire on a Bus in Chittagong, Bangladesh.
The Port city Chittagong is also celebrating the countrywide strike.

There have been many clashes between Policeman and Islamist organizations Muslims in Port city Chittagong.